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biodegradable lubricants

Gealubes Consulting & Trading Pte Ltd

The company is focused on sale and trading of higher technology lubricants and other products emphasising on their environmentally friendly footprint. The majority of the company’s sales are made to shipping companies and are concentrated on lubricants used on board but have the characteristic that even in the event of leakage, they do not cause environmental pollution, since they are physically degraded by microorganisms in the aquatic environment (biodegradable lubricants).


Gealubes’ products are also suitable for lubrication applications of machines and equipment used in works near environmentally sensitive areas such as Quarrying Machines, Port Facility Machinery, Machines working near water recipients such as lakes, rivers, the sea and any other environmentally sensitive region.

The state-of-the-art technology used to produce such lubricants and other chemicals, due to its friendliness with the environment and its non-toxicity to flora, fauna and humans, is used in addition to the above-mentioned uses in equipment that requires Lubrication and may come into contact with food, but also medication. This equipment requires a special category of products called “food-grades” and is another important category of products marketed by Gealubes – Global Lubricants Business. 

biodegradable lubricants

Gealubes has exclusive representation of the Panolin in Singapore , supplying products around the world. Panolin lubricants cover lubrication requirements for vehicles, ships and industries through mineral-based products (mineral oils) but mainly synthetic and specialized products.

Panolin’s most important series of products includes biodegradable synthetic lubricants for use in shipping and where specific environmental specifications (rivers, lakes, quarries, etc.) apply.

Equally important is Panolin’s series of food grade products (H1-category), approved by the US  National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which standardizes sanitation and food safety requirements.

Panolin produces also lubricants of special technology and requirements for use in industry.